A Note from the Tea Maker

In June 2015, my husband, myself and our 1 year old daughter moved from busy corporate life in Johannesburg, to the beautiful town of Montagu. I have always loved the beautiful blends of tea and the peacefulness I got from sitting down with an infused pot of tea, made even more enjoyable with a lovely old tea cup. 

How hard could it be to blend my own tea?

It started in the kitchen with loose leaf rooibos and some spices (leading to Swain’s spicy blend), and was followed by a trip to the Cedarberg to find suppliers.  We had a fascinating tour on a farm and decided on their organic rooibos as our tea. 

Through a lot of reading and thought, decided on other options for blends and sourced the ingredients,  trying to keep as local as possible and have a range of flavours.

Keeping the romantic, beautiful feel of the teas and their packaging, I felt inspired to honour grandmothers in the names of the teas.  This makes them more personal and keeps many memories alive.     

The idea behind the fabric bags was to keep the packaging pretty, unique and varied across each blend.  It took two days to sew the first 600 bags which was a hard slog, but always necessary to do the hard yards when starting up a new company!

I hope you enjoy the tea and the moments it creates!


Montagu South Africa